Photometer SDM 1, calibrated for bovine

Ref.: 12300/0102
Compact, highly accurate photometer developed for measuring sperm concentrations.
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Product features

  • Can be calibrated for porcine, bovine, equine, canine and small ruminant species
  • The semen concentration is displayed in million sperm/ml
  • Cleaning is simple, maintenance is minimal
  • With 100-240 V adapter and batteries

Your benefits

  • No dilution of semen samples necessary
  • LED light source provides stable output, thereby reducing the frequent need for recalibration
  • Cuvette is securely fixed in the correct measuring position
  • User activates analysis once cuvette is in position
  • Multiple readings of each sample are automatically performed and averaged to provide an accurate result
  • Easy to clean and maintain: Simply lift the lid of the cuvette holder and wipe clean
  • Calibration is performed automatically with each sample measurement
  • Software updates are performed by interface connection