SafeBlue Foamtip® with handle, 100/bag

Ref.: 17106/9376
Porcine insemination catheter and handle with cap to close the catheter at the end of the insemination to prevent loss of semen. With SafeBlue hygiene concept for proven increase of reproductive performance. Catheters are sterilized, pre-lubricated and individually packed in a hygienic cover.

500/box, 15 000/pallet
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Your benefits

  • The sterilized catheter remains clean and free of contamination during storage and until insemination
  • Every catheter is sterilized and individually packed in a sanitary sheath
  • Catheter tip is equipped with a sperm-friendly lubricant
  • Due to the protective sanitary sheath, the catheter remains clean during the insertion in the vulva: only in the clean area the catheter tip is pushed through the sheath
  • No more need for time consuming preparations: dry cleaning of the vulva is sufficient
  • No more fumbling with lubricants
  • Perforation line for simply tearing off the sanitary sheath
  • Improved pregnancy rates and litter numbers

Product features

  • Tapered foam end for gentle insertion and removal
  • Firm foam for better lock, increased stimulation, and prevention of semen backflow
  • Non-absorbing foam to prevent loss of semen