SmartDispenser 2.0 L, Porcine semen extender dispenser, complete

Ref.: 13200/0502
For easy and accurate dosage of boar semen extender for each ejaculate. The combination of devices allows a highest possible dosage accuracy of extender in the semen laboratory.
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Product features

  • Includes stand, tubing with sinker, control unit and pump with capacity 5 l/min
  • Scale up to 12 kg, resolution ± 2 g
  • Exact dosage of extender volume
  • Connection to laboratory software Prism/IDEE possible
  • Electrical connection: 110-240 V

Your benefits

  • Smart combination of devices: allows the highest possible dosage accuracy of extender in the semen laboratory
  • Measuring precision of ±2 g: constant feed back between pump and control unit
  • Connected workflow: can be combined with a heated extender tank and a lab management software, e.g. IDEE or PRISM
  • Error-free data handling: the ejaculate that shall be diluted can also be chosen by reading the boar information from a label on the ejaculate container via a barcode reader (exclusive feature for PRISM lab software)
  • High flexibility in processing order of ejaculates: allows batch-wise dilution and processing of several ejaculates in any sequence (exclusive feature for PRISM lab software)
  • Pre-dilution option: the pre-dilution volume is dispensed and saved in the memory of the device, the final dilution can be resumed at any time later
  • Optimal temperature management: the SmartDispenser 2.0 automatically empties the content of the filling hose back into the extender vat and thereby prevents the extender in the filling hose from getting cold
  • User-friendly: easy navigation with touch display
  • Two pump sizes: choose the right one according to your needs
  • Clean: splash reduction for less spillage during dilution