Sperm preparation medium TL stock solution for swim-up, 20 ml

Ref.: 19990/0020
Minitube media for in vitro production of bovine embryos are stock solutions which are produced freshly upon demand. Media are prepared with purest water under hygienic conditions using laminar air flow and sterile filtration. Tested with bovine embryo culture.
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Product features

  • Minitube IVP media are produced according to standard formulas which provide reliable embryo development success rates, proven in a high number of peer reviewed publications
  • Constant high quality of media provides optimal conditions for the in vitro production of bovine embryos in your lab
  • Each batch of IVP media is certified for in vitro production of bovine embryos based on third party embryo development and toxicity tests
  • Made in Germany
  • The stock solutions can be stored unopened at +4 to +8°C for up to 6 months
  • Working solutions are prepared individually depending on requirements and last a few days