Minitube is the world-wide leading supplier of systems for the field of assisted animal reproduction.
With our expansive range of products and services for artificial insemination, embryo transfer and associated biotechniques, we are able to effectively support our customers working in animal breeding, veterinary medicine and research around the globe.
Our team of specialists are continually working for the further advancement and development of reproductive technologies.


Awarded Most Family-Friendly

Minitüb GmbH is the most family-friendly company in Lower Bavaria. On May 14, 2018, Bavaria's Minister of Labour and Family affairs, Kerstin Schreyer, and the Minister of Economic Affairs, Franz Josef Pschierer presented awards to the 20 most family-friendly companies in Bavaria as part of the "Successful. Family-Friendly" competition.

Third generation enters management at Minitüb GmbH

A generation change at system supplier for animal reproductive technology: After 30 years, the company’s commercial manager, Florian Simmet, hands over the baton to his niece, Katharina Rohrmüller, née Simmet. This move marks the beginning of the third generation entering into the management of the family-run business Minitüb GmbH.


Association for Applied Animal Andrology
AAAA conference

New Orleans , USA

World Pork Expo
World Pork Expo

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