Minitube is the world-wide leading supplier of systems for the field of assisted animal reproduction.
With our expansive range of products and services for artificial insemination, embryo transfer and associated biotechniques, we are able to effectively support our customers working in animal breeding, veterinary medicine and research around the globe.
Our team of specialists are continually working for the further advancement and development of reproductive technologies.



Dr. Gabriel Bó - Simmet Prize

ICAR announces Dr. Gabriel Bó as recipient of 2020 Simmet Prize for Assisted Reproduction

The International Congress on Animal Reproduction (ICAR) announces that Dr. Gabriel Bó of the Instituto de Reproducción Animal Córdoba (IRAC) in Córdoba, Argentina is the recipient of the 2020 Simmet Prize for Assisted Reproduction.

Blaine Kennedy, DVM

Minitube Canada adds a specialist

Minitube Canada is proud to welcome Blaine Kennedy, DVM, as a Sales and Business Development Representative.


8th Leman China Swine Conference
8th Leman China Swine Conference

Zhengzhou , China

AETA-CETA/ACTE Joint Annual Convention
AETA-CETA/ACTE Joint Annual Convention

Colorado Springs, Colorado , USA