Minitube is the world-wide leading supplier of systems for the field of assisted animal reproduction.

With our expansive range of products and services for artificial insemination, embryo transfer and associated biotechniques, we are able to effectively support our customers working in animal breeding, veterinary medicine and research around the globe.

Our team of specialists are continually working for the further advancement and development of reproductive technologies.


AndroVision®: More than CASA

AndroVision® is a highly precise CASA system for standardized, interactive semen analysis. For a deeper dive in the topic of automatic animal semen analysis, please take a look at the brand new SpermNotes special edition on AndroVision®.

QuickTip® semen bags: safer bag technology for boar semen

Minitube QuickTip® semen bags are 100% sperm-safe. They are made from an innovative multilayer plastic foil, which is entirely free from any adhesive. Every batch undergoes extensive sperm toxicity tests (Sperm Safe program) before it is released for sale.


07.03.20 - 10.03.20

AASV Annual Meeting

Atlanta, GA, USA

16.02.20 - 19.02.20

Western Veterinary Conference (WVC)

Las Vegas, NV, USA