QuickTip® semen bags: safer bag technology for boar semen

Minitube QuickTip® semen bags are 100% sperm-safe. They are made from an innovative multilayer plastic foil, which is entirely free from any adhesive. Every batch undergoes extensive sperm toxicity tests (Sperm Safe program) before it is released for sale.

  • Every batch of Minitube semen bags undergoes the Sperm Safe program
  • Materials are exclusively sourced from certified German suppliers and comply with FDA and EU directives
  • All raw component batches undergo sperm toxicity tests prior to release for production
  • The production process guarantees full traceability
  • Made by Minitube in Minitube premises, production certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and regularly audited by external entities

Minitube semen bags are available for 90 ml and 60 ml and as a narrow or wide type version. They are compatible with all common bag filling and sealing machines.

The proven QuickTip® system guarantees an easy and fast application for the AI technician.

  • Tip stays securely closed until AI
  • Easy to open by bending the tip without any tool, easy to connect to any catheter
  • Tip stays with the bag after opening and will not end up in the manure
  • Suitable for all catheters and insemination techniques

Stay safe - use the entirely adhesive free Minitube semen bags!

Minitube celebrates 50 years of innovation