Spectrum: high pregnancy rates with frozen-thawed stallion semen

The SBS CryoSystem consists of a range of freezing extenders, allowing the clinician to identify the best extender and complementary freezing protocol for each individual stallion. Spectrum extenders feature various cryoprotectants and specific egg yolk or milk content that combine to protect sperm cells from damage caused by freezing, and protect the fertilizing ability of the semen after thawing. 

To date there is no single universal cryopreservation protocol that is optimum for semen from all stallions. The SBS CryoSystem is based on the belief that semen from a large percentage of the stallion population can be frozen successfully if an effort is made to customize cryopreservation protocols to identify optimum conditions for each individual stallion.

Since Minitube has introduced the SBS CryoSystem, a number of freezes with different stallions were performed to proof the Spectrum concept. The results of the freezes show that the use of a single extender for all stallions may lead to less than optimum results for many stallions. With the Spectrum Test Freeze Kit and a split ejaculate trial, it is possible to find the best extender and protocol for each stallion. This results in more successfully frozen ejaculates, overall higher quality of frozen semen and more commercial doses per ejaculate.

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